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Performance - Outside the Box

outside the box

A course on working in alternative (non-theater) spaces and/or with alternative performance approaches. The workshop unlocks the potential in the rich thematic material around us in our everyday lives.

Taught by Howard Lotker and other company members.
Workshop can be as short as 2 intensive days, or as long as 3 weeks, depending on the needs of the group.

Performance - Outside the Box is an introductory course to working in alternative (non-theater) spaces and with alternative performance approaches (such as performance art, devising theater, interactive theater, street theater, movement theater, fine arts, etc..). Participants will learn to see the potential performative, scenographic and theatrical elements in a given indoor or outdoor space, and will be introduced to ways to use their bodies, voices and text performatively in alternative spaces (through psycho-physical composition exercises). At the same time, they will deepen their understanding of the rich thematic material all around them all the time.

Participants learn how to read space based on their own natural responses to it, and to create performances or interventions based on their readings. A large part of the work will be physical exercises and improvisations, so that the students' understanding of the dynamics of space will be based on experience, rather than only theory. Through guided improvisations and reflections, the participants soon start to generate material which can be used for solo or group site-specific, and in-theater performances.