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(Inter)acting With the Inner Partner

inner partner

Improvisation discipline, exploring the dialogues within us and around us. Participants work alone in the space searching for spontaneous dialogues with their inner selves, or partners.

(Inter)acting With the Inner Partner (Dialogické jednání) is an improvisation discipline in theatre, which explores the nature of the dialogues within us and around us. The performer steps into the theater space alone, and, without making contact with the audience, attempts to have a spontaneous dialogue with their inner selves, or partners. The method enhances the actors' creativity and flexibility through self-structured, self-conscious play leading to deeper self-awareness and creative independence. (Inter)acting With the Inner Partner (AIP) is a unique, holistic, psychophysical training method, a solo improvisation discipline for studying and practicing the basic principles of acting and dramatic play. The discipline has been in development for over thirty years under the guidance of its creator, Professor Ivan Vyskočil.

(Inter)acting With the Inner Partner is used to develop acting and writing skills, as well as to enhance general creativity and personality development. Practicing (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner helps to develop: a performer’s sense of spontaneity and self; concentration; sense of structure; emotional and physical plasticity; as well as a feeling of ease and presence onstage - combined with an active awareness of the present moment.

The workshops and regular classes, taught by Howard Lotker and other experienced AIP practitioners and teachers such as Alexander Komlosi PhD and Dean Jan Hancil, from the KATAP Department at the Prague Drama Academy (DAMU). Workshops and classes may be organized through KATAP DAMU, or through HoME directly.