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DoMA/at HoME Workshop

doma workshop

Based on our meta-theatrical performance project - explores living spaces through theatre, performance, fine art, movement, and interaction. Students research and rehearse in a real apartment.

Taught by Howard Lotker and other company members

DoMA/at Home is a meta-theatrical performance project which explores everyday living spaces using a combination of theatre, performance, fine art and movement, along with a strong emphasis on games and involvement of the audience in the process.
The workshop version is a 4 to 10 day exploration of indoor site-specific work. Half of the work is done in a rehearsal room, the other half in an apartment or house which preferably belongs to people the participants don't know. The workshop is for students and practitioners of theater, performance, fine arts and architecture especially. Participants learn to use the body and mind to understand and reflect on their feelings and impressions of personal space.

This workshop is intense and especially interesting and fun, because the participants get outside of the studio and rehearsal room, and get to know and work with (in a collaborative way), real people living in their own living spaces. There are constant surprises and interesting questions raised about: borders, cultures, what is art (and how is it different or the same as real life), and about what home means to us. It is an engaging look into artistic work with given situations, given objects, and given spaces.