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Integration Work for Performers

doma workshop

The workshop combines training for performers and strategies for devising theater through improvisation with: voice; movement; partnering; working with space, time, dramatic situations, and architecture.

This work with groups of various sizes expands performers' awareness of the potentials their own instruments, of the group, and gives them concrete tools to develop both dramatic situations and themselves as performers.

Taught by Howard Lotker and other company members

Minimum of 4 days (of 6 hours per day), up to 3 weeks. Can culminate in a public presentation or not. The workshop can take place only in the rehearsal room, or partially in nearby site-specific locations as well.

For students of acting, performance, theater educators, and for anyone interested in developing their movement, voice and improvisational skills and awareness.

Integration Work for Performers combines elements from diverse modern and contemporary training methodologies such as Viewpoints, Contact Improvisation, Butoh, somatics, Eurhythmy, and Linklater and Válková voice training. It is a series of exercises which develop the connections between the performers' tools of body, voice, and action. Together, these exercises help participants to discover the connections between the self-experiencing of their bodies (their bodies and voices as their own personal instruments), and present strategies how to work with these elements improvisationally in pairs and groups to discover powerful dramatic situations, images, and themes. The workshop is also gives participants a chance to analyze others' improvisations and to give and receive feedback in a safe and constructive environment, which is good practice for people interested in creating devised performances.

Afterwards, participants will have a stronger sense of how to work with their personal potential energy - how to integrate vocal and movement training into improvisation strategies which can be performed as improvisations themselves, or used to create and develop material for devised performances. The training can culminate in site-specific, classroom, rehearsal room, or theater based work.