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Oedipus(complexly) - reviews


Interactive Classical Drama. Performance brings the ancient polis to life. Audience helps solve a murder that brought the plague to their city. We ask the question: does tragedy have to happen?

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Jana Bohutínská, A2 Weekly Arts and Culture Magazine

"I believe this experimental drama theater by the international theater company HoME's Oedipus (complexly) to be the most controversial October premiere at Alfred ve dvore. They turn theater upside down, mixing audience and performers and thereby confusing their original roles. The story is put together like a puzzle, which can be built into several different pictures. Accident is brought into play and given a role as well - casting doubt on the status of the story as the given, unchanging basis of the performance. They improvise where the original story is certain and unavoidable. They also touch on Aristotle's concept of catharsis and it's therapeutic function. They turn the theater inside out literally as well.
HoME theater has become a specialist at gnawing away at theatrical conventions."

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Peter Vacha, UnBorn.cz

"...it is just as unexpected to find that it is possible to experience an ancient story in such an authentic way - in which everyone present is able to have an influence on and effect the course of the performance. HoME's theatrical experiment, under the direction of Howard Lotker, manages to create a situation where a contemporary audience member becomes a personally interested member of the ancient polis."

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