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Interactive Classical Drama. Performance brings the ancient polis to life. Audience helps solve a murder that brought the plague to their city. We ask the question: does tragedy have to happen?

In Oedipus (complexly) HoME takes their interactive site-specific performances to a new level. HoME's Oedipus playes with the Sophocles' classical tale of the tragedy of Oedipus - the fallen king, in order to explore the contemporary aspects of tragedy in their own lives, and in the lives of spectators, by means of a constant dialog with the audience. The telling of the story takes the audience on a trip through the entire space of the theater, and through theater history as well.

"Nobody could have imagined, that one would experience the ancient Greek story in such an authentic way" - UnBorn.cz's Peter Vacha describes the performance: "each spectator has the opportunity to influence the course of the performance. The experimental drama theatre by HoME, directed by Howard Lotker, creates a situation in which the contemporary spectator becomes a personally interested member of the ancient polis. The spectators are involved in the play from the very first scene, passivity is not permitted. Spectators are guessing the answer to the famous riddle of the Sphinx, they cry and moan, suffering from the plague as part of the Greek chorus, and most importantly they talk about different complexes and traumas with the characters of the Oedipus story, as well as with complete strangers."

"Throughout the performance, the detective story of the killing of Oedipus' father is not retold, but is discovered and experienced together with the audience. Spectators... talk about which personal tragedies would make a person capable of killing another. Later on, the spectators take on the role of moderators of destiny, as the actors act out the spectators' ideas of about how Oedipus can escape his catastrophic destiny."

concept and direction: Howard Lotker
co-authors and cast: Carli Jefferson, Alexander Komlosi, Josef Rosen , Daniela Vorackova, Andrea Miltner, Chip Persons
dramaturgy: Sodja Lotker
music and sounds: Jan Burian
light design: Vladimir Burian
set and costume design: Philipp Schenker

premiere:October the 24th 2007 in Alfred ve dvore Theatre, Prague

sponsors: Ministry of Culture of the CR and MOTUS, o. s. - an Alfred ve dvore theatre production, Nova SIt

performance language: English and/or Czech