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Little Man - reviews


The work, fatherhood and madness of Wilhelm Reich. Interactive performance for one actor - with projection and live - drawing - inspired by the eccentric character of Freud's student, W. Reich.

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Magdalena Platzova, Respect Magazine

"Little Man is billed as a "one-man show", but that isn't entirely the truth. The participation of the sound, light and projection artists is important, and the public has an active role as well. Theater, as HoME sees it, contains capabilities for limitless absorption.During the final technical rehearsal for Little Man which I attended, there were several children playing on the floor, and this didn't seem to bother anyone. Nether did the cracking of the light bulb or the computers sudden break downs. So it appears that Howard Lotker and his friends truly must have the healthy "soft bellies" recommended by Dr. Reich."

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