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Little Man


The work, fatherhood and madness of Wilhelm Reich. Interactive performance for one actor - with projection and live - drawing - inspired by the eccentric character of Freud's student, W. Reich.

The performance explores the human need to be oriented by strong beliefs, and what happens to us when we lose those compass points. The performance also examines the connection between mind and body in this context, how our beliefs affect our bodies, and vice-versa. Reich was a pioneer in the research into the mind / body connection.

Through their input and participation, the audience becomes an active co-creator of a performance which is different every time. Also onstage are an artist and projectionist, sound designer DJ, and lighting designer who perform as well. Together everyone explores the borderlands between our faith in human kind's ability to change ourselves and the world for the better, and the constant disappointments in our everyday struggle.. Howard Lotker plays the roles of Reich, Reich's son Peter, and himself. The theme which connects these three is the life-long search for one's place in the world.

The title of the performance Little Man, is borrowed from Reich's book Listen, Little Man, in which Reich lets forth his frustration with a world unable to free itself from the chains of "emotional plague". Another source for the performance is the poetic autobiography of Reich's son Peter, A Book of Dreams. The final source is Lotker's own autobiography and his personal connections with Reich's work.

concept, direction, performing: Howard Lotker
projection & live drawing: Zdeněk Durdil
text: Howard Lotker and Egon Tobiáš
design: Philipp Schenker
sound creation: Jan Burian
light design: Tomáš Morávek
dramaturgy: Sodja Zupanc Lotker
assistant director: Monika Černošková
additional dramaturgy: Marta Ljubková
production: Olga Plchová

premiere: May 13, 2009 at Alfred ve dvoře theater

support: Prague City Council, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Artists Life Foundation, Prague City Library, Thanks to Dan Kurovec Bookstore - www.dantikvariat.cz and Crocs, CZ

produced by: MOTUS o.s. - production of Alfred ve dvoře theater, 4+4 Days in Motion, and HoME o.s.