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A detainee's and interrogator's relationship reveals the guts of power grasped, denied, and surrendered. Explores power and complicity in the 21st century. Physical theater with elements of interactivity.

Flush is an interactive performance that encourages audiences to confront their place in, and responsibility to, the community. Flush uses intense physical staging, neo-classic physical satire, and surrealism, which is at times accompanied by a sound score of primal Traditional American music that speaks of hardship, longing, and hope. This powerful mix of images can provoke important personal reflections

concept: James Donlon, Matt Tavianini
created by: James Donlon, Howard Lotker, Charlie Oates
direction: Charlie Oates
performed by: James Donlon and Howard Lotker
masks designed and built by: James Donlon
consultant: Lola Vollen, Visiting Scholar, UC - Berkeley

produced by: HoME o.s., Flying Actor Studio, MOTUS o.s.

support: Prague City Council, Nadace Zivot Umelce