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Meta-theatrical site-specific performance project which completely re-creates itself for each living space (and theater) it is performed in. Won "Project of the Year" at Příští vlna/Next Wave in 2006.

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Jitka Gráfová, iDNES

"They explored the apartments and improvised in unconventional ways. The evening is at an end, but afterwards you go away imbued with this intoxicating atmosphere which penetrates you, and for a long time afterwards you will carry with you the gratifying and unrepeatable feeling of this performance."

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Steffen Silvis, The Prague Post

"Howard Lotker and Co. show that home is where the art is.
It's an intriguing theatrical idea - one of those "Why didn't I think of it?" revelations for its marvelous simplicity. It's also a piece of theater that, as writer Edna O'Brien said of fiction, "allows us to sample others' fates." It's a bit like archeology ... anthropology too,...chaotic, mad and highly enjoyable."

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