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DoMA / at HoME


Meta-theatrical site-specific performance project which completely re-creates itself for each living space (and theater) it is performed in. Won "Project of the Year" at Příští vlna/Next Wave in 2006.

DoMA / at HoME changes shape in response to the different spaces it encounters and the people who live there. Each of us lives somewhere - but each space is different; the space we live in mirrors our taste, needs, means, culture, family, psychology, hopes, fears and desires.

The team intensely researches the space and its inhabitants for several days. Then they prepare an hour-long performance about the nature of the space and the life the people live in it, using a combination of prepared material that is changed to fit the space, completely new material based on the apartment and people living in it, and improvisation.

The objects, colors, smells, books, and floor plans, together with events from the hosts' lives become the language of the performance.

Depending on the nature of the particular space, the public may be voyeurs at times, watching a realistic scene in the home taking place in front of, behind and around them; they may be in a sculpture garden, or they may be on a tour with one of the actors or owners as their guide. Sometimes events are happening simultaneously in the performance and we have to choose what we want to see and participate in. At other times the audience will be crowded into one space to watch a scene together, so close to each other that they can hear each other's and the actors' breath.

sponsors : MKCR, Motus, Nova Sit