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Ready to Wear?

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HoME presents Ready to Wear? A parade of identities, public and hidden, questions, answers, and of course with a surprise waiting especially for you...

HoME was given the opportunity to work with 225kg of second hand clothes which were part of the design of the exhibition and bar of Prague Quadrennial 2007.

The result was a structured improvisation working with the theme of how clothes are simultaneously related to and not related to who we are as human beings. Can we change or exchange our identities? How? What are the potentials and problems that arise out of this?

The audience was encouraged to take part in the exchanges of clothing and roles as well. They did. The performance culminated in a bridal gown being discovered and used; the audience was invited to the wedding, a ritual in which new life roles are added to previous ones, which took place before their eyes.

Performers / co-creators: Monika Černošková, Carli Jefferson, Andrea Miltner, Daniela Voráčková, Alexander Komlosi, Howard Lotker.
Produced by: Auto*Mat and HoME

Created for Prague Quadrennial 2007’s Second Hand Fashion live presentations.