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Passing by/ Bypass

fleeting projects

A gentle crash-course in voyeurism in which you learn basic peeping-tom methodologies for beginners. Warning: we cannot guarantee that people's fates will evolve according to your wishes.

This site-specific performance took place right in the center of Prague on Národní Avenue. It was an evening just like any other. The audience were seated inside the former Folk Arts Building (ULUV) above the street, and through their headphones they listened in on the inner lives of some of the city’s inhabitants downstairs in the street - a young couple with a baby, a shopkeeper and his father, and a bag lady. Once you have opened the windows on to others' lives you may be surprised at what you witness.

Becoming a voyeur is as easy as watching television or being a tourist: just observe.

Performers and co-creators:Daniela Voráčková, Dorka Bouzková, Cristina Maldonado, Howard Lotker, Alexander Komlosi, Curtis Matthew, Philipp Schenker, Sodja Zupanc-Lotker

Created for the 4 + 4 Days in Motion Festival 2010.