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fleeting projects

The Experts invaded Prague's trams, the city's favorite means of transportation, in October 2008. "The city may never be the same again." Commissioned by Auto*Mat, a civic association dedicated to sustainable development in the city and increased use of public transport.

In the first part of Experts the performers went out, clip boards in hand, onto the streets and trams of Prague’s center to survey the population with some very real and realistic urban planning concepts, and some insane developer schemes, in order to provoke informal public debate about the uses and misuses of the city, to exasperate Czechs who are usually very reserved in public so that they would take a stand on some issues.

The second part was a guerilla tram-ridership training intervention. Andrea stepped onto the tram with a tour guide’s loudspeaker attached to her belt from which popular music was blaring. She demonstrated a series of moves which would help passengers to stay safe during their tram ride, and encouraged passengers to stand up and try them along with her. Our performers were hidden among the everyday tram riders. Their participation encouraged the average citizens to join in as well.

Performers / co-creators: Monika Černošková, Andrea Miltner, Daniela Voráčková, Howard Lotker, Martin Vasquez.
Produced by: Auto*Mat and HoME