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DoMA/at HoME at Caffrey’s Irish Pub

fleeting projects

Much to our surprise, we were commissioned to research a workplace for our DoMA/at HoME project. Of course we began with the same initial questions as always: Who spends their lives in this space, and what is it like to be here, to have this shared history?

In our research into Caffrey’s Irish Pub, a sport bar mostly for tourists located right on Old Town Square in Prague, we found that the people who inhabited the space the most, more than the customers or even the owners, were the employees. We decided to look at the space through their lenses, at how even though they are technically merely the middle men between the owners and customers, they actually spend a good portion of their lives in the space, and through this time spend they become both the owners and slaves of the space. We decided to reflect on their curious and precarious position through performance.

The result was a performance which invaded the everyday life of the bar. One performer, Monika acted as a tour guide and picked up our audience in Old Town Square and took them unsuspectingly around the square and in through the back entrance of her boyfriend’s bar. The ordinary customers of the bar were not expecting our visit, other performers were costumed as employees and managers and they were there along with the everyday workers at the bar.

The performance used the televisions on every wall to show videos which revealed the inner recesses of the facilities and the inner lives of the people who work there. The bar patrons got to rewrite pop song lyrics and sing about work, and send postcards back to their employers at home.

It was fun, it was hard work, and over the course of the performance we all got drunk together, performers, employees and audience.

Performers / co-creators: Monika Černošková, Sodja Zupanc-Lotker, Daniela Voráčková, Howard Lotker, Philipp Schenker, Martin Vasquez.
Produced by: Caffrey’s owner Frank Haughton and HoME