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Alexander Komlosi (USA)

Alexander Komlosi

Alexander Komlosi is an actor, director, teacher and researcher. He has worked as an authorial and conventional actor since 1996, performing in the U.S.A., France, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. His performance practice is authorial and multilingual, juxtaposing open improvisation with more fixed performative forms (e.g., "conventional" theatre, authorial performance, site-specific performances).
He is currently writing a new performance to be premiered in Fall 2010 entitled Who Would You Be Born As? He has been teaching at the Theatre Faculty of Academy of the Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU) since 2003. He has received numerous grants for artistic and teaching projects on an international and national level. Alexander holds a B.A. (Bates College, 1996) and an M.F.A. in Authorial Acting (DAMU, 2002) and a Ph.D. in Authorial acting and theory of authorial creativity (DAMU, 2009).

Andrea Miltner (UK)


Andrea first stepped on to stage delicately - 'sur pointe' (Ballet of the National Theatre in Prague), was suspended for a time in musical theatre, before coming down to earth in contemporary dance. Her passion is baroque dance and theatre: she has danced in baroque opera productions at the National Theatre in Prague, the Castle Theatre in Český Krumlov, as part of the Brezice Early Music Festival in Slovenia and the Esterhaza Festival, Hungary. She regularly works with French choreographer Françoise Denieau. She has danced in her creations in Versailles and Prague.
As a choreographer Andrea has collaborated with the early music ensembles Collegium Marianum and Collegium 1704. She recently presented her own creation The Baroque Body Revealed at the Czech Museum of Music and at various venues throughout the Czech Republic.
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Her directorial debut was Collegium 1704's production of Gluck's Le Cinesi at the Castle Theatre in Český Krumlov which was very well received. Andrea is also an actress and a proud member of HoME, whose productions always challenge her to the full!

Howard Lotker (USA/CZ)

Howard Lotker

Howard is a founding member of HoME and has directed and produced almost all of its productions (excluding Flush). He grew up in the suburbs of Washington D.C., Honolulu and Los Angeles. Before coming to Prague he worked in the western U.S, teaching acting and as an actor in regional theaters. He works as in Prague as an actor / performer, director, pedagog, and translator. He has a BFA in Acting (and Political Science) from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and his MFA in Authorial Acting and Pedagogy from KATAP, DAMU, Prague (CZ), where he also teaches Acting, Improvisation, Devising Theater, and Acting with the Inner Partner. In Prague he has collaborated with Czech theatre artists and groups (either as an actor, director, or both) such as, KREPSKO, Nora Sopkova, Kristof Kintera, Stage Code, 4+4 Days in Motion, and Misery Loves Company.

Marta Ljubková (CZ)

Marta Ljubková

She studied Czech Language and Literature at Charles University, Prague, and Directing and Dramaturgy at DAMU, Prague. She tries to keep active in both fields. She is currently as a freelance dramaturg working in traditional theater with Zdeňek Bartoš or Martin Františák, and on alternative projects. She also writes and lectures about contemporary Czech poetry.

Monika Černošková (CZ)

Monika Černošková

Monika studied acting at DAMU in Prague at the Alternative Theater and Puppetry department, later at KATAP - the Department of Authorial Acting and Pedagogy. She explores the harmonious interplay between body (movement, dance) and voice (sound, speech, singing). She enjoys the moments when the line between the audience and performers are blurred, where there are mutual surprises in audience interaction.

The DoMA performance fulfilled her slight voyeuristic tendencies, bringig inspiration for creation based on the history of the inhabitants of the houses - who got involved in the creation in different ways - and the atmospheres found in the objects and space there. She is fascinated by creating using only what she finds in the place.

Philipp Schenker (CH)

Philipp Schenker

Phillip graduated in design from Artschool Zurich. After his studies he worked as a performer and co-creator in projects by Kule e. V., Berlin and in various projects by students of the Object-Theater School, in Amsterdam. Since 1996 he has worked with the renowned Dutch groups Dogtroep, Grif-Theater, Sil and Slem. He is a co-founder of the Prague theater Stage Code, with whom he co-authored and performed in TEST.OST.ER.ON, Politoly, and many others. He has performed in Miroslav Bambušek's recent projects, and he is a co-author on various site-specific projects of Howard Lotker and HoME. He also works as a scene and costume designer. In divadlo Archa he has played in Leaving (dir, D. Radok) and Exit 89 among others. He is the lead singer for the new wave-postpunk band The Ritchie Success. He also works as a Hospital Clown.