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Change / Exchange 2010
Christina Maldonado's Exchange Committee


Cristina Maldonado, is Mexican Dancer, Choreographer, Performer, and teacher. Her person and her project fit perfectly into Change/Exchange's framework, and we are very pleased to be co-producing her project, Exchange Committee in the Czech Republic and Mexico in 2010. Exchange Committee will present Maldonado's newest Czech-Mexican multimedia performance, Theorem of Wanting in Mexico (7 Czech artists participate, produced by NOD in 2009 in the Czech Republic).

The project includes a three month residency in the Czech Republic in collaboration with Meet Factory for 4 Mexican artists and 6 Czech artists, out of which the new media-performance performance Revolution Committee will be developed, which includes an installation and multimedia performance in Prague.

During the residency there will also be a Mexican Contemporary Art Evenings program where the artists involved in previous projects will show a samples of their individual work (either through conferences or performances), and there will also be a representative selection of video art performances screened.

Towards the end of 2010, both performances Theorem of Wanting, and Revolution Committee along with a Czech Contemporary Art Evenings Program, will be presented in Mexico in collaboration with the Cultural Institute of Aguascalientes and the National Coordination of Dance of Mexico.

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Chip Persons
Research into HoME's Methodology


Chip Persons, American actor, performer, acting, voice and movement teacher, and director will be doing research into HoME's work processes by being a co-creator/performer and assistant director of the DoMA / at HoME performances in Prague this May.

Based on the positive reception of the feedback about Chip's appearance as Oedipus in HoME's Oedipus (complexly), Chip's faculty at the University of Colorado at Boulder awarded him a grant to spend a month in Prague studying HoME's site-specific and interactive work. His colleagues were particularly intrigued by the concept of "theater as play."

This exchange will be pedagogical one as well. Chip will be teaching a Viewpoints workshop at DAMU, and he will be attending (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner (Dilogicke jednani) classes at DAMU. Chip first encountered (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner at the Bohemian National Hall in NYC in 2006, when Ivan Vyskočil, Jan Hančil, Alexander Komlosi and Howard Lotker were there for 3 weeks giving workshops.

This pedagogical and artistic exchange will continue in 2011, with teachers from DAMU giving (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner workshops at the University of Colorado, while Lotker will create a new performance at the university's Atlas multimedia institute. We hope that this will lead to a long term relationship with the University of Colorado at Boulder, and DAMU.

Chip Persons is an ideal person for Change / Exchange, he has a 16 year relationship with Prague and Central Europe. Chip has worked in Prague with Black Box Theatre Company, at Boris Hybner’s Gag Studio, with Artists for Prague at Divadlo Na zábradlí, and with Divadlo Kašpar and Misery Loves Company at Divadlo v Celetné.

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