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What is HoME?

HoME theater was founded in 2006, when the creators of the DoMA / at HoME, the site specific meta-theatrical performance project, collectively felt the need to continue and expand together the work they had done in that project. We wanted to have a formal structure to do in-depth research into life's enigmas in ways we had not encountered inside or outside our theaters.

To that end we founded HoME, o. s., a non-profit theater and arts company dedicated to exploring contemporary life through performance. We have been known to mix such genres as installation, site-specific, interactivity, classical theater, dance, performance art, interventions, actions, happenings, workshops, fine arts, physical theater, video art, street theater and others, in order to examine places and themes in a fresh ways. We find that unlikely combinations of genre, place and theme often have very compelling results.

We want to do difficult performances - that can mean technically, production -wise, using interactivity, but especially in terms of content. We are also interested in exchanging experiences with, and supporting others who have similar desires and/or weaknesses. HoME wishes to contribute to the public and academic dialogue about and research into the potentials contained in contemporary performance.

HoME is intensely interested in boundaries. Why they exist and whether they are there for the right reasons. To find the answers to our questions, we often find ourselves crossing boundaries. HoME is also interested in the multiplicity of subjective worlds that surround us, and the billions of ways to experience beauty.